Let’s talk about work.

Work can suck for a lot of reasons.

Lack of flexibility, toxic colleagues, gaslighting, unreasonable demands, undervalued, underpaid… the list goes on and on.

From The Great Resignation to Quiet Quitting, a lot of people are saying, “Nope.” Myself included.

During the pandemic, I left an executive role at a job I’d been at for 15 years. I pivoted to an entirely new career. Less than two years later, I pivoted again to self-employment. The pandemic made many people realize what we want — and don’t want — from our careers.

I started this newsletter to talk about remote work, work experiences, workplace dysfunction… and how to make work-life integration better.

Maybe you want to quit your job (do it). Maybe you are a manager and want to improve the workplace (do it). Maybe you’re not in a position to leave your job, but want to feel like you’re not alone (I get it).

This newsletter will be twice per month about any and all things related to work and work culture: remote work, inclusivity, collaboration, breaking down outdated mindsets, and more. I’ll share my own experiences, the stories of other people, Q&As with experts, guest posts, and more.

Buckle up: the world of work has permanently changed.

About Me

I was an English major in college, but couldn’t really see myself with a career in writing. At the time, my options seemed to be either to publish a novel or work for a newspaper or magazine — neither of which interested me. I had worked at a bank throughout high school and college, and banking seemed to be a more viable, stable career option. So I went into fintech.

Turns out, there are careers for writers. I left fintech in 2021 and eventually became a freelance content marketer and journalist. It was a change: I was basically starting over, the newbie with no formal writing, marketing, or journalism experience. Yet I couldn’t be happier that I made a change.

I live in a suburb of Chicago with my husband, three kids, and three cats. Things are never boring in our household.

If you want to read practical advice for freelancers and solopreneurs, follow me on Medium. For the personal side of my life, check out my blog. I also create resources for other solopreneurs and have a newsletter of tips and life hacks (I hate that term — but it works here).

But if you are interested in reading about the future of work, you’ve come to the right place.

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